Modern Design

The Application has the almost same functionality in Modern Design as in Classic Design.

The main functionality is:

  1. Tags in List Views can have different background color depends on tags found by the extractor versus manually added tags. When the tag is manually added the background color of the tag is orange and the score -1. When the tags were automatically found by the extractor the tag color is blue and the score depends on the "power" of the tag in the document. 
  2. Depends on the configuration in PoolParty Admin Tools for specific Library\List auto-tagging can be enabled and the document is automatically sent to the extractor when the document is added to Library or content is added to the List. 
  3. Users can also use the manual functionality for sending the document or content to extractor from the command bar with the button "Send to Extractor". 
  4. In Modern Design is right now the "Tagging" button directly in the command bar and not in the context menu like in Classic Design. The functionality is same and the users can manually modify the Tags for the document or Item content. 


Command Bar Buttons: