Auto Tagging

You can find a guide here on how to use the auto tagging function in PoolParty PowerTagging.

Auto tagging works after the library, in which you want to tag documents, has been defined.

You have to be site owner in SharePoint to be able to configure libraries. If you are not, contact your administrator to adjust your privileges or to configure your library for you.

For details refer to the PowerTagging Administrator Guide or contact your administrator.

Auto Tagging Details

If the administrator saved a configuration properly, a new column named Tags will be added:

After uploading any document, a grey circle appears in the column Tags. It means that the document is being sent for extraction:

The document has to be uploaded, as the PowerTagging application does not currently support auto-tagging of files created on-site.

When the circle changes from grey to blue (automatically, usually takes less than a minute), the document has been sent for extraction and is awaiting results:

If the library is set to require check-out of files, the document will be sent to extraction, after it has been checked back in.

After the documents have been extracted, proper tags will be shown in the respective column, as shown below:

A red triangle with an exclamation mark indicates that the extraction was unsuccessful:

In this case, proceed to How to Use Manual Tagging.