This section contains short background information about the tagging function.

The PowerTagging Basis

PoolParty PowerTagging enables powerful tagging of content, based on your thesaurus. 

The basis for the PowerTagging function is a PoolParty project that contains concepts ordered in a taxonomy (a tree structure), called the 'thesaurus'.

You can use documents containing relevant text that can be annotated and thus tagged, based on those concepts.

Details find in PoolParty's main help documents online: https://help.poolparty.biz/doc

Tagging Background Information

Tagging is the process of assigning tags from projects to documents to allow you to navigate among your documents with ease.

The application responsible for this, PoolParty PowerTagging, can extract them automatically or you can set your tags yourself.

Terms Explained

A 'project' is the tree-structured collection of concepts from which tags are formed.

'Extraction' means sending documents to the PoolParty PowerTagging server, analyzing them and returning proper tags.

For details refer also to the PoolParty online documentation.