Ways to Search

This section provides information on the ways and means you have to search for documents and tags using the search page.

How to Use the Search

  • In the search page you can enter the search phrase, and ignore suggestions. By clicking Search you will get all the results for your search term. This is a basic plain text search.
  • If you start typing and select an item from suggestions, the knowledge graph will be displayed next to the search results.
  • By selecting an item from suggestions and activating the check box Show tagged content only we choose only documents that have tags assigned to them.

If you are using SharePoint widget search (if your admin has configured it, as this feature is optional) you can only use the first method of searching - basic text search. However, after being redirected to PowerSearch, you can use it as you normally would.

Search results are paginated, 10 results at a time, with a maximum of 500 set as default:

The limit of maximum documents can be set in the PoolParty Admin Tools, tab Search Settings.