Triple Store setup

This section contains information on how to set up triple store database

Our currently supported triple store for PowerTagging is MarkLogicDB. It can be downloaded at and it is documented on

  1. After installing MarkLogic, go to MarkLogic administration at
  2. From the left menu, select Groups → Default → App Servers → App-Services [HTTP]
  3. Find the line authentication and select digestbasic from the drop-down menu
  4. Now through the left menu, select Databases → your database (if you use only one triple store, you can use the default Documents database)
  5. Find the following lines and select appropriate values
    • triple index = true
    • triple positions = true
    • uri lexicon = true
    • collection lexicon = true

You will need an MarkLogic user that will be used by PowerTagging to access your triple store. Either use Admin account, or create new one.

  1. In MarkLogic administration, select Security → Users in the left menu
  2. Click Create (from the tabs on the top of the page)
  3. Fill in user name and password according to your will
  4. Check roles
    • rest-admin
    • rest-admin-internal
    • rest-extension-user
    • rest-internal
    • rest-reader
    • rest-reader-internal
    • rest-tracer
    • rest-writer
    • rest-writer-internal

      5. Confirm by clicking ok