This section lists the minimum hardware and software requirements for installing the PowerTagging module.


  • At least 8Gb of RAM
  • Recommended minimum of 50Gb disk space for partition

These are minimum requirements. The final configuration will depend on a number of other aspects, for example SQL DB instance installation and location, the size of SharePoint documents, etc.

Windows Server Infrastructure

  • Permissions to create domain service accounts and manage servers

  • Application server - VMWare or Hyper-V

  • 64bit Windows Server 2012 or 2016

We strongly recommend to dedicate a single server.

SQL Server

  • Edition: Express or higher
  • Version: 2012 or newer


  • Public IP (if you are using external PoolParty server)
  • ability to configure external and internal DNS
  • ability to configure firewall and proxy restrictions for specific server
  • reserve port 443 for PoolParty to PowerTagging communication
  • reserve static port 1433 for SQL DB


Because communication will be directed over the https protocol, you'll need to use a public certificate. 

Wildcard certificate is supported.

Triple Store

Our currently supported triple store database is MarkLogicDB which can be downloaded from (documentation can be found at