Prepare the PowerTagging Server

In this section you will prepare a server to run PowerTagging

  1. Create a virtual machine based on our requirements.
  2. Install:

    • Latest Windows updates
    • .Net Framework 4.6.2 or later
    • Web Deployment Tools

    Refer to Microsoft's page for details about the Web Deployment Tool Installation:

  3. Create the folder: 'C:\Install'

    This folder will be used for saving the installation and configuration files during server setup.

  4. Add a Windows Web Server role (IIS).

    You have to add the Web server role in default configuration.

  5. Add the .Net Framework 4.5 feature (check 'HTTP Activation').
  6. Add a domain service account to the Local Administrators Group.
  7. Create a DNS entry for the PowerTagging App hosted on the PowerTagging Server (IIS site will be created later).

    Set its name, for example 'powertagging.<yourcompany>.com'