Power Tagging in Modern Design - Installation

PowerTagging application can be also used in the Modern Design of Libraries and Lists. Modern Design is supported only in SharePoint Online. 

Steps to Setup PowerTagging in Modern Design 

  1. Upload the 'PowerTaggingButtons.sppkg' file and 'PowerTaggingViews.sppkg' file to the SharePoint Application Catalog site.
    Note: You can upload the packages to Tenant Catalog but also you can upload to Site Collection App Catalog
    • The applications are located on the PowerTagging Web server.


    • The applications will be known as 'Power Tagging Buttons' and Power Tagging Views' in site content page.
  2. Install the application to the SharePoint Online site.
    • Open https://<yourtenant>.sharepoint.com/ or https://<yourtenant>.sharepoint.com/sites/<customsite>
    • Click Site Content>Add App>
    • Select 'Power Tagging Buttons'
    • After successful installation repeat the steps and select 'Power Tagging Views'

After the packages are installed on the current Site Collection you can move to the next step SharePoint - PowerTagging Admin Tools application.
Note: The Applications are automatically activated on Lists or Libraries from the PowerTagging Admin Tools application
Note: The SPPKG files mentioned in this page will be provided by SWC as part of the installation process