Deployment Package

In this section, you will find information needed to generate and use the deployment package.

From previous steps, you should have some items and information ready, please either fill this table (Package Config Template), or send us the following:

  • SharePoint Type (OnPremise or Online)
  • SharePoint Version (if applicable, 2013 or 2016)
  • IIS Application Name (f.e.: Default Web Site/PowerTagging, PowerTagging etc.)
  • Your file 'spappreg.txt'
  • Your file 'taskagentappreg.txt'
  • Your connection string to the SQL database instance
  • The name of your PowerTagging (SQL) database
  • SharePoint Authentication realm
  • SharePoint site collection URL
  • Issuer ID
  • Certificate password
  • Certificate path
  • Name of site in IIS and its virtual path (you can get this by clicking Sites, right-clicking desired site and selecting View Applications)

After you have sent us these files and information, we will generate the 'Deployment Kit' that you will need to complete the installation.

  1. You will be provided with 'Deployment Kit' package. The package is specific for your environment.
  2. Save the generated 'Deployment Kit' on the PowerTagging server in the location 'C:\\Install\' and unzip it.
  3. Unzipped 'Deployment Kit' is located in C:\\Install\PowereTaggingDeploy and includes the following components:
    • UpgradeDatabaseTool
    • Web
    • TaskAgent
    • AddIn
    • AdminSiteUtils*
    • SetupSearchSchema**

*AdminSiteUtils is only available in deployment package for O365 SharePoint
**SetupSearchSchema is only available in deployment package for SharePoint On-Premise