TripleStore Configuration

This section will show you how to set up and configure Triple Store data synchronization.

  1. Go to PowerTagging Admin Tools
  2. Click Triple Store
  3. Next click Add triple store
  4. Fill in required information and click Save
    • Name: Serves only for your identification purposes. You can choose any appropriate name
    • Site url: Link to your triple store database. In this case, we've installed MarkLogic and PowerTagging on the same server 
    • Database name: The name of your database. If you are using only one MarkLogic database, you can leave this field empty
    • Login: Use your login as configured in MarkLogic
    • Password: Use your password as configured in MarkLogic


     5. Now you can store your extracted triplets after configuring a library (see How to Configure the SharePoint Library for Tagging)