Using the Template for Several Libraries

This topic provides a short overview on how to use a template for several library configurations.

How to Use a Template for Several Library Configurations at Once

  1. In the PoolParty Home tab, click Configuration.
  2. Click Templates.

  3. Select a template. You can see the kind of template (Library or List) and you can see the name of your template:

  4. In the following dialogue a number of options are available, details find below.

Available Setup Options

1. Selected template:

Name of the currently selected template

2. Setting a template:

You can see the settings for the template and change the name.

You can set the same name to either Library or List template, but not for two of the same kind.

3. Update:

Saves your adjustments.

4. Delete:

Deletes selected template.

5. Batch Configuration application:

You can select the desired folders to be used with this template in the SharePoint tree to avoid manually configuring them all.

6. Apply:

Confirm your choice.