SharePoint Library Setup FAQs

This section contains the frequently asked questions in connection with the SharePoint library setup.


I have changed the project for the library but my old tags are still there, what should I do?

We only add new tags and never delete old ones, you can disable them via the tagging dialogue or erase them via Library -> Quick Edit.
I have too many files to change manually, is there any shortcut?

Delete all tags via Library -> Quick Edit, and send all highlighted files to bulk extractor via Files -> Send to Extractor.

I uploaded lots of documents to a library and while some of them have been tagged, others remain untagged with gray sync icon, how do I fix it?Your SharePoint server was overloaded. Go to PowerTagging Admin Tools, select your library and click Retag All. And/or consider raising resources on your SharePoint server.

When navigating through OnPremise SharePoint, my tags do not render properly. I see lines of code instead, what can I do to make it work?

You need to disable 'Minimal download strategy' feature of SharePoint. You can get there by clicking Site settings and Manage site features in Site Actions.

When using Microsoft Edge, Tagging dialogue refuses to load, showing ,,can't reach webpage" instead

  1. Open Control Panel and set Small Icons view
  2. Open Internet Options
  3. Click on Security tab
  4. Click on Trusted sites
  5. Finally click Sites
  6. Add domain to the listed trusted sites. Domain of your O365 SharePoint is enough, you don't need to type definitive address of PowerSearch WebPart
  7. Click Close then OK
  8. Restart Microsoft Edge