How to Configure the SharePoint Library for Tagging

This section contains the guide on how to configure the SharePoint library for tagging.

You have to be site collection administrator to configure libraries. Otherwise, PoolParty Admin Tools will warn you that you do not have sufficient privileges.

In order to set up the SharePoint library correctly, follow these steps.

  1. In the PowerTagging Admin Tools Home tab, click Configuration.

  2. Select project from all the projects that you have in PoolParty. This project will be used to tag your library after it has been configured. 

  3. Select project language (if available):

    In this step you can also change the project's name, refer to this page for details: Change the PoolParty Project Name in the SharePoint Library Configuration

  4. After having chosen the project, select the library from the SharePoint tree that you want to configure:

    • The library may have one of the following statuses, which are differentiated by their formatting (normal font, light gray font or bold font):

  5. When you select a library (1), a window will open (2). Check the Tagging box in this window (3). 

  6. This is the configuration window for the selected library, details on the available options find below:

  7. To finish your configuration, click Save

Available Options in the Library Configuration

1. Tagging: 

If you want to use this catalogue to tag your documents, this must be checked. If you want to delete configuration from this catalogue, simply uncheck the box "Tagging" and click save.

2. Disable auto tagging: 

Set as false by default, because we want the documents in our libraries to be tagged automatically after uploading. If you want to tag them manually or you want to avoid tagging some files, check this box (and see "User Guide – Tagging" for manual tagging)

3. Template configuration: 

You can save your configurations as a template (More in section "Template Configuration").

4. Triple store configuration:

After checking this option, simply choose your triple store database from the drop down menu. All extracted triplets will be sent to that database. (see TripleStore Configuration)

5. Selected template: 

You can select and use your saved configuration (from the previous step). 

6. Threshold: 

Limiting value. If a score of a tag is lower than the threshold, the tag is unwanted* (default is 25, maximum is 100 and minimum 1). 

  • *unwanted tag – this tag is not shown in the Tags column, but you can manage it in the tagging window (for details refer to the User Guide chapter: Tagging)

7. Labels per page: 

Limits the number of tags returned from extraction (default is 15, maximum is 100 and minimum 1). 

8. Select fields: 

Selects fields whose content you want to analyse.

Example: select Documents and Title, and your files will be tagged based on their content in these fields. You can add a column in the library and select it.