Configuration of WikiPages

This section contains the guide on how to configure the Site Pages and Wiki Pages for tagging.

You have to be site collection administrator to configure Site Pages. Otherwise, PoolParty Admin Tools will warn you that you do not have sufficient privileges.

We can configure WikiPages using the same configuration process as in Library Configuration. WikiPages are always tagged via tagging dialogue or bulk extraction. 

  1. In the PowerTagging Admin Tools Home tab, click Configuration.

  2. Select project from all the projects that you have in PoolParty. This project will be used to tag your library after it has been configured. 

  3. Select project language (if available).

  4. After having chosen the project, select the library from the SharePoint tree that you want to configure.

  5. From Libraries, select Site Pages (or any pages that you created and want to apply configuration)

  6. Configuration window will appear, where you can configure the appropriate fields. 

The result will be shown in your Site Pages application. Column Tags will appear (just like in Document Libraries) where you can see the results of tagging. As mentioned in the beginning of this page, Pages can be tagged via bulk extraction or tagging dialogue.