How to Set the Service Configuration for the First Time

In this section, you can find the steps for the first-time setup of PowerTagging Admin Tools.

Service configuration connects PowerTagging to PoolParty. So all projects that you will use to extract and tag your documents, and extraction service, will be available after you fill in the service configuration.

To access the configuration, on the PoolParty Admin Tools' Home screen, click Configuration:

These are the available options and their possible values:

  1. Url: PoolParty service URL 
  2. Login: PoolParty service login 
  3. Password: PoolParty service password 
  4. Service request timeout: Maximum time for a request to PoolParty * 
  5. Filesize limit: Maximum size of the file sent to PoolParty extraction * 
  6. Save the service configuration by clicking Save.

Attributes with an * are displayed for your information, you can't change their values.

After you set service configuration, this screen will change a bit. If you want to delete existing service configuration, simply click Delete