PowerTagging License

Licence types:

  1. Trial
    • The licence expiration date is important in this case. When the license expires, application will cease to work. 
  2. Standard
    • The support expiration date is important in this case. If the support expiration date expires, the application will work properly but the customer will not receive new updates

License features:

  1. Triplestore (see TripleStore Configuration)
  2. Synchronization (see How to Synchronise the Term Store)

Possible results of incorrect uses of license file

  1. Licence file hasn't been found (Check the path of license file in web.config)

2. Public keys are not equal (Signature in your license file has been tampered with)

3. License processor id is not equal to computer processor id (If the license is used on different server than it was issued for)

4. The trial license has expired (Your trial period has ended, if you intend to continue using PowerTagging application, contact our Sales for standard licence)

5. The standard license has expired (You may continue to use the application, however, if you want to continue receiving updates, buy support for another period)

Correct uses of license file

 1. License without all features (triplestore, synchronization)

2. The standard license with all features

3. The trial license with all features