Search FAQ

This section contains the FAQ we gather here regarding the Search function in our PowerTagging module.


When searching documents that are on different site collection, I can find desired documents but there are no tags displayed and when I check Tagged content only they disappear.

On the picture above, we have the same document on two different locations. One being at the same site collection as PowerSearch WebPart and the second one (without tags displayed) being on another site collection.

This is a known issue of SharePoint not returning data from custom columns (and Tags is a custom column used by PowerTagging). We are working on a fix.

When using Microsoft Edge, PowerSearch WebPart refuses to load, showing ,,can't reach webpage" instead

  1. Open Control Panel and set Small Icons view
  2. Open Internet Options
  3. Click on Security tab
  4. Click on Trusted sites
  5. Finally click Sites
  6. Add domain to the listed trusted sites. Domain of your O365 SharePoint is enough, you don't need to type definitive address of PowerSearch WebPart
  7. Click Close then OK
  8. Restart Microsoft Edge