Manual Method for OnPremise and O365 Sharepoint

This section contains a description on how to set up the search schema in order to be able to use PowerSearch.

Prior to using PowerSearch, the appropriate search schema configuration must be done. Any tags created via PowerTagging are automatically indexed then. Only properly indexed content can be found within "PowerSearch".Note: The indexing process may take up to 30 minutes.

How to Set Up the Search Schema Configuration

  • In your SharePoint site, click the gear icon.
  • To set up Search Schema click on Site settings.


In the Site Settings dialogue, click Search Schema.


In the following window, click New Managed Property:

  • In the next dialogue, in the Property name field enter the name 'Tags2'. The description is optional.
  • Activate these main characteristics:
    • Searchable, Queryable, Retrievable, Allow multiple values, Safe for Anonymous and Token Normalization.
  • Select Add a Mapping.


The dialogue Crawled property selection will open.

  • Search the property name for 'tags' and click Find
  • From the crawled property results select 'ows_Tags' and click OK
  • Confirm New Managed Property using OK.

To be able to find the property 'ows_Tags', you must first configure some library and tagging documents. This process is important because SharePoint will find the column Tags in the library and will create the property 'ows_Tags'. It takes a few minutes to recognize this column.

Result of the Managed Property Configuration

When you finish with Search Schema you will not be able to immediately search documents, because the indexing process is executed asynchronously via SharePoint.

PowerTagging does not control this. But there are options to call the indexing process directly.