Setting up Searching - Using SharePoint Search

This section and its sub-topics contain basic instructions on setting up SharePoint search and its usage.

To be able to search through SharePoint use the default search box, located in the upper right corner of every page. You have to add another WebPart to your Search Site (optional).

You need at least site collection owner permissions to do this.

While using SharePoint widget search, you can perform only basic search. That means you won't get suggestion drop down as you would in PowerSearch. After being redirected to PowerSearch, you can use it with all its features.

  • Go to Site settings.

  • Select Web parts.

  • In the Files tab, click Upload Document
  • Add  the 'SearchClientScript.webpart' file into the library. 
    • This file will be provided in the installation package, but not installed, as this is an optional feature.

  • Simply click save without changing values in pop up window
  • This file contains a script to redirect your search term to PowerSearch WebPart.
  • After uploading this file, go to the page with your PowerSearch WebPart and select EDIT in the upper right hand corner.

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