How to Adjust the WebPart

This section provides a guide on how to adjust the WebPart application.

  1. If you need to adjust the web part, click the drop down menu.
  2. Click Edit Web Part.
  3. PowerSearch WebPart has a default flexible height, if you want a fixed height of your choice, click 'yes' and enter the desired height according to your browser window.
  4. PowerSearch WebPart has a default flexible width, if you want a fixed width, click 'yes' and insert the desired width according to your browser window.
  5. Click Save.

In the section App Part Properties these options are available:

  • Search Scope: You can choose the area where the search engine triggers the query. Default setting is Farm.
  • Search - Include Subsites: This setting affects only the 'Site' search scope by default, if the setting is enabled search results will contain data from all subsites.
  • Show Projects Dropdown:
    • If checked, the user can limit search suggestions to a specific PoolParty project.
    • If unchecked, search suggestions are based on all available PoolParty projects.
  • Limit to specific project: project ID (from PoolParty)
  • Limit to specific project language: project language, default value is English.

For configuration of the Web Part and search result refinements, go to Search Settings in PowerTagging Admin Tools.

Select Search Settings

These settings are used for modifying search options in PowerSearch WebPart. It allows you to see Tags, Broader Concepts and Concept Schemes as refiners to the left of the search box in PowerSearch WebPart. When you are searching for something, it helps you to narrow down the results by selecting items.

  1. This option sets the limit for the number of results. The default value is 500.
  2. This allows you reorder the refiners in 'PowerSearch WebPart'.
  3. You can enable or disable the actual refiner using the check box.
  4. You can individually set how many suggestions the refiner will offer.

Save will confirm your settings. The green text below the button informs you about the success of your operations.

In the PowerSearch WebPart on your website, you can see a few Tags, Broader Concepts and Concept Schemes. (To learn how to use the search window, refer to the Search Guide.)