How to Create a Search Page

Find here how to create a search page in SharePoint in order to use PowerSearch on your site.

After installing your application, you can add PowerSearch Web Part to the Site page.

To add the PowerSearch Web Part to the page the application has to be installed.

How to Add a Search Client Web Part

The PowerSearch Web Part allows you to find documents, tags, see metadata and more.

First, you need to create a website.

  • Go to Site Contents.

  • In Site Contents select library Site pages. If such library does not exist, create Wiki pages

  •  If you have not created Wiki library, skip this step. If you created Wiki library you will be redirected to Home page. From there can click Page and View All Pages in page ribbon.

  • Select New to add a page as shown below.

  • Enter the name of the new search page (1).
  • Click Create (2).

  • In the INSERT tab, click Web Part.

  1. After this, available web parts will appear. Find and select Search Client WebPart. (If you can't find Search Client WebPart your application probably isn't on this site.)
  2. After selecting Search Client WebPart, click Add.

Continue with adjusting the Web Part.